Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back again! In the last week I have had far to many PITY PARTIES! ugh.....I am so sick of feeling down and getting knocked down by ridiculous people and their back talk and blowing smoke up my ASS!
{Whoops!} looks like you just got invited to another one of my parties.

So I kind of fell off the walking wagon in the past 7 days. I walked for 6 miles last Monday and then not again until today. I hate that it is such a struggle to get motivated. I also now have some family obligations that may force me to not attend the NHCASA 5K..... but as a back up I have a local 5K that I am going to do. I am debating whether to register as a runner or a walker. AND it is in 14 days......SO I REALLY NEED TO GET MY SHIT TOGETHER!!

I have to many irons on the fire.....I just picked up another 4 books from the library adding that to the 5 I already have and the 1 I bought at CBC'10 (thank you Matt Townsend) I am trying to teach myself Photoshop since I can't afford to take a class at the college right now. I have over 500 photos to edit and post in about 300 different places, I am also planning to enter an art show and need to think about which photos to submit. The kids are so dang wired up and don't want to spend ANY time inside the house and my husband has taken over my computer so that the only time I have to do anything is either after midnight or before 8 AM......
{Whoops! I did it again, another pity party}

Well, my thoughts are leaving just as fast as they come, so I will go for now.

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