Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Off to a slow start......but now a rolling stone

I haven't posted anything new in about 2 weeks.....lots of things have happened. Mainly though the weather has been SO.....SO......SO nice that we have been outside every waking minute and therefore I haven't been on the computer much. Solet's go back and recap a bit. First weekend in July we went to Denver to our niece's 1st birthday whereI made her an ELMO cake. She was so happy! Then I had my first VERY FRUSTRATING attempt at taking fireworks photos in CO and then on the 4th in WY. On the 9th my sweet baby turned 2!!!!! OMG! How did that happen??? And now TODAY on the 13th of JULY 2010 I completed my very first 5K. I had planned to do this later in the month at the NH CASA 5K in Spearfish, SD but some family obligations came up and I decided to bite the bullet and DO IT! I stressed out about it for at least the last 4 nights not sleeping well and having weird dreams. I feared that I would be the last person on the route, it was a parade route and I feared that I would get heckled by the crowd or chased by animals or the worst one, that I would keel over. Low and behold half of that came true. Obviously I did not keel over, and I will say that I did not get chased by animals. But I was the last person on the course for quite a time and I DID GET HECKLED......REALLY people BOOED and made comments about me walking and not running and I thought to myself...."I hope you choke on your popcorn and cotton candy fat ass" All in all it was a success and I am looking forward to doing it again next month.

This week is still action packed, two more walks with the lady walkers, a playdate, party planning and preparation and two cakes to make......feels good to be busy but I feel like I have to time to connect with blogger friends....but I guess at least the house will be clean ;)

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