Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting sick when you are trying your hardest to workout is not fun. I have tried to keep up with my schedule pre-5K but it has been difficult since I have been coughing and having a hard time keeping my breath. I finally went to the doctor and he said I would just have to let it run its course because antibiotics would not help. Since Monday I have not walked with my regular group but did go out on my own on Tuesday only to come home and sleep all afternoon because I was so exhausted. I haven't slept good in a few weeks, it seems like my mind will not shut off. It just keeps going on and on with things that either I should be doing, or could add to my plate.
A friend gave me an ipod shuffle to help motivate me while working out, but it is not working. I am hoping to get an idea of what kind of a job I should be pursuing soon. I am so tired of not having income of my own. I have had some people te
ll me to market my cakes more, but I am afraid that I will be underpricing them, or that it will no longer be fun for me.

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