Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back in the saddle again.....

THANK YOU! to my wonderfully mechanically inclined husband! He FIXED my treadmill. So I am back on track again. I walked tonight for 3.1 miles which is a 5K and it took 58 minutes. I hope to have that time cut in half by the deadline. Got some blisters on my feet and they are kind of achy too, so I am putting on the ICY HOT and going to bed.


  1. I love your blog header~ did you design this yourself or have someone do it for you? Its beautiful. Simple. Chic. Done. Congratulations on getting back on the "mill" good luck as you prepare for your 5K! Keep us posted!

  2. Thanks Sara! It is a free design from April Showers Blog Design.


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